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        2019-03-21[The column top]Welcome to visit our sample room

        Welcome to our factory,welcome to visit our sample room…[More]

        2019-03-18[The column top]125th Canton Fair

        We will attend the Canton Fair in this April, our booth number is 15.1G18, looking forward to meetin……[More]

        2018-09-20[The column top]Mega Show and Canton Fair

        WearegoingtoattendMegaShowandCantonFairinOctober,welcometovisitourbooth.Mega show booth is5E-G3.Cant……[More]

        2018-08-22[The column top]Where is a baby toy for ?

        We are not only a factory, a trading company,but also what we do ,is to help those need.And try our……[More]

        2018-08-20[The column top]Welcome to our new factory

        The new factory of Easy Go Toy Co,Ltd, welcome our clients to visit.…[More]

        2019-09-06Eco-friendly Recycled Plush Made By Plastic Bottles

        Eco-friend is a hot topic these years, we have develpoed a kind of toys made by plastic bottles to c……[More]

        2019-08-30factory tourism activities

        In August, our factory organized a tour to Tiantangzhai!!!…[More]

        2019-08-30universal factory audit

        Congratulations. our factory has passed the universal factory audit!!!…[More]

        2019-05-21Tips for Cleaning Plush Toy

        First, dry cleaning: preparation materials: coarse salt, large plastic bags. Method: Put the coarse ……[More]

        2019-05-16Memory Foam Stress Ball

        Here are some stress ball with memory foam we want to share with you.If you are intested in these pr……[More]

        2019-05-14Plush Hat with Move Ear

        We have some new design want to share with you,it attract many customer in canton fair,plush hat wit……[More]

        2019-05-09Customized Products Are Acceptable

        We have our design department, we are able to convert the pictures into samples.As below are our cus……[More]

        2019-04-23Canton Fair Booth-15.1G18

        As below are the pictures of our Canton Fair booth, welcome to visit!…[More]

        2019-04-13New products -unicorn hat

        New unicorn hat products and we can move the ear!!!!…[More]

        2019-04-13new products

        Its new products. it is a hat and the it can move. here is the pictures for your reference.…[More]

        2019-04-09Sample Time And Production Time

        Sample time usually 5-7 working days after sample fee received.Production time usually 50 days after……[More]

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